About Dr Chang Chao-Han

Towards the end of 2001, Dr Chang’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. In order to find a cure for his wife, he sought all possible medical treatment for her, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine, which unfortunately was unable to stop the spread of cancer cells, and it eventually metastasized to the bones. Looking at how his beloved wife’s condition worsened and how she had suffered greatly, Dr Chang tried all possible means to help his wife relieve her pains, but to no avail. After numerous failed attempts, Dr Change finally realized that “for any illness and pain, there is a fixed root point elsewhere; as long as the root point is treated appropriately, the pain will disappear!” Dr Chang was overjoyed with this significant discovery and thus set foot on the long journey of finding “Yuan Shi Dian”, which is proven to be equally effective on other patients in his clinical application of such Yuan Shi Dian methodology.

To resolve the suffering from diseases and illnesses of the present generation and to guide future generations on how to keep themselves healthy with easy and effective methodology, Dr Chang displayed great empathy based on the principle of “People the Foremost, Patient the Teacher”. Through the years, Dr Chang gathered data from tens of thousands of cases presented, analysed and enhanced the Yuan Shi Dian methodology. Eventually, he concluded his findings with the publication of Yuan Shi Dian handbook and developed into Compact Discs for widespread free circulation. Subsequently, in order to enable more people to understand the theory of Yuan Shi Dian, Dr Chang is invited to various parts of the world for sharing on Yuan Shi Dian, while in the meantime continuing his research with relentless efforts. Drawing on the numerous exciting and heart-warming cases sent to CCH Medication Foundation on how they had successfully adopted the Yuan Shi Dian methodology to help themselves regain their health, Dr Chang continued to fine-tune and improve on the Yuan Shi Dian handbook. It is Dr Chang’s greatest with to empower everyone to become master of their own health, through learning and adopting such easy, free and environmentally-friendly Yuan Shi Dian methodology into their daily life so as to free themselves from pain and suffering.

Important Chronicles of Dr Chang Chao-Han:

1958 – Born in Taipei, Taiwan.

1987 – Passed the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor examination, and obtained license to practice as TCM doctor in Taiwan.

1987 to 2006 – Practised as a TCM doctor for 20 years.

2006 – Developed Yuan Shi Dian methodology which is published as Yuan Shi Dian handbook and developed into Compact Discs for widespread free circulation.

2007 – Travelled to various Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ Associations and other non-governmental organizations such as Tzu Chi, schools and Tai Chi Associations, to teach members of the public on Yuan Shi Dian methodology.

2008 – Established Foundation and became its Director.

2009 – Much clinical evidence had demonstrated that Yuan Shi Dian is a suitable therapy for almost all type of diseases, thus renamed as Yuan Shi Dian Therapy.

2009 – Invited to USA and Canada on yearly basis, for sharing on Yuan Shi Dian Therapy, triggering the interests of local Chinese to learn Yuan Shi Dian.

2011 – Frequently travelled to China to share Yuan Shi Dian for almost a year.

2011 – Awarded the Significant Contribution Award in the 4th 国际药王孙思邈医药论坛.

2012 – Renamed Yuan Shi Dian Therapy to Yuan Shi Dian Medicine, as much clinical evidence had demonstrated that Yuan Shi Dian is effective in both medical treatment and health maintenance. In 2013, renamed Foundation to become C.C.H. Medical Foundation taking into consideration the advice from various parties.

2015 – Finalized the Yuan Shi Dian handbook which comprised of comprehensive coverage in both medical treatment and health maintenance areas, and released a new version under this name, The Ways of Yuan Shi Dian.