BreadTalk iHQ (#08-03)

☆ YSD Day Experience Session and YSD Learning Centre ☆

Online Appointment Registration Manner:

■ Adopt the Online Appointment registration method for participants to register for the Saturday Afternoon YSD Experience Session.  (Registered participants are not necessarily admitted)

■ Online Registration for Experiencing Session: Every Friday from 9am.

■ Registration closes: Every Tuesday at 9am.

■ Successful Participant List will be published at our website Every Wednesday after 12noon.

■ For those successfully registered participants, please turn up punctually at BT IHQ on Saturday Afternoon 1:30pm for the YSD Afternoon Experience Session

■ Participants need to provide this information: Serial number, Name, Age, Gender, Symptoms, First time / repeat visitor

Operating Hours:

YSD Learning Centre: Monday to Friday, from 12:30pm to 5:30pm (by appointment only) (Closed on Public Holidays)

YSD Day Experience Service: Every Saturday, from 1:30pm to 5:30pm (by appointment only) (Closed on Public Holidays)
Participants reporting time is 1:30pm


■ YSD Experience Centre @ Bread Talk IHQ: 30 Tai Seng Street #08-03 Singapore 534013 (8th Floor)

o Nearest MRT: Tai Seng MRT Station (CC11 – Exit C)

o Bus services:

  • (A/No 70299) – 22,24,28,43,58,62,70,76,80,93 & 158
  • (B/No 71011) – 90,93 & 151

Points to note:

o   Participant has to be accompanied by one family member/friend

o   Those who are more seriously ill have to be accompanied by a family member

o   For those who are registered, please report punctually. We will not accept any walk-in visitors who have  not made a prior appointment

o   Please prepare own towels (2 big and 2 small) and own warm ginger soup

o   We reserve the rights to change details related to YSD experience sessions

Experience Session Details:

o   Provide advice to participants on how to manage the symptoms which they are experiencing using Yuan Shi Dian methodology; and also provide onsite Yuan Shi Dian experience services

o   Provide advice on Yuan Shi Dian operating methodology

o   Provide advice to the participant the correct Yuan Shi Dian Healthcare concepts

o   Enable participant on how to make any request for Yuan Shi Dian information and resources

o   Allow participant to apply for resources related to Yuan Shi Dian internal & external heat sources

For any enquiries pertaining to YSD, please email to

For more information, please visit :