About C.C.H. Medical Foundation

To resolve all sufferings from diseases and illnesses of the present generation and to guide future generations on how to keep themselves healthy with easy and effective methodology, Yuan Shi Dian handbook was finally published in early 2006. Within the same year, it was also developed into Compact Discs (CD) for widespread free circulation. With relentless efforts, after more than 10 years of research and development and continuous amendments, coupled with non-stop widespread promotional efforts at the various Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners’ Associations and other non-governmental organizations such as Tzu Chi, schools and Tai Chi Associations, etc, Dr Chang taught members of the public on how to adopt the Yuan Shi Dian methodology to reduce their pains. All these efforts were widely accepted and recognized. In the process, it attracted like-minded individuals. Some became volunteers, some helped to set up the website, some helped to develop teaching resources, and some even funded the printing and publication of the Yuan Shi Dian handbook and CD. To allow Yuan Shi Dian to gain more widespread outreach, C.C.H. Medical Foundation was established upon the suggestion by a Dr Zhao. To alleviate mankind’s suffering from diseases and illnesses, all members of C.C.H. Medical Foundation shall put in their best efforts to promote Yuan Shi Dian with their greatest empathy.

Yuan Shi Dian Medicine aims to educate the public using brand new concepts. Questions such as when illnesses and diseases strike, how shall we manage it? Which are the areas to avoid? How did pains come about? When signs and symptoms were relieved, what shall we do for subsequent health maintenance? All these questions are fully explained in Yuan Shi Dian Medicine. It is also easily accessible to anyone from all walks of life. As there is no invasive tool being utilized in the process, it did not violate the Medical Act. Yuan Shi Dian is also very environmentally friendly due to no medical waste being created. Thus it can reduce overall healthcare cost and healthcare resources wastage. We earnestly hope that with the establishment of C.C.H. Medical Foundation, we can expedite the efforts in resolving and reducing the suffering of mankind through genuine care and concern for them. Our work will go on as long as the human suffering from diseases and illnesses exist.